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Resident Evil Albert Wesker Costume

Resident Evil Albert Wesker Costume: For Sale Cost: $$ Includes: Long Coat, Inside Jumpsuit, Belts Why we love it: Spooky! We all know Albert Wesker is one cool dude. Now, you can be too.. with this PU leather Albert Wesker costume. Resident Evil Retribution Albert Wesker Costume: Make Your Own A long black trench… zippered shirt […]

Resident Evil Retribution Alice Costume

Resident Evil Retribution Alice Costume: For Sale Cost: $$ Includes: Vest+ Base Shirt+ Jumpsuits+ Buckles Why we love it: True, it’s a bit pricey, but This Resident Evil Retribution Alice costume will make you the Milla doppleganger. With fabulous attention to detail, this is the creme-de-la-creme of Alice costumes. Zombies: beware. Resident Evil Retribution Alice Costume: Make […]

2 Player Zombie Games: Our Favorites

Unfortunately, not all zombie games are well-suited to a 2 player situation. The ideal 2 player zombie game should maximize bond-age by leveraging your carefully honed knowledge of one other’s strengths and weaknesses. Here’s our top recommendations for 2 player zombie games that will leave you and your buddy high-fiving/fist bumping it till early morn!