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Creepy Zombie Toilet Decorations / Gifts

We’ve noticed a disturbing pattern:

The Rise of the Zombie Toilet Fetish.

Our suspicions began after being subjected to the creepy-sex-in-outhouse-cum-zombie-attack in Dead Snow… At first, we dismissed this as some misunderstood product of Norwegian humor. But then, we realized the zombie toilet references aren’t an isolated incident.

If You Like Zombie Apocalypse Movies, You Might Like…

Eventually (believe it or not) there will come a time when you’ve seen all the zombie apocalypse movies that you think *should* be seen…
Before you flirt with the idea of really dumpster diving with movies like Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead, here are a few movies that can trick you into thinking someone has finally figured out how to make another good zombie movie.

Awesome Zombie Board Games

For all you old-schoolers out there, here are three awesome zombie board games that deliver.

Zombies!!! 2nd Edition

You are trapped in a town overrun by hungry zombies. You need to collect supplies in abandoned buildings in your mad dash to the heliport and out of this hellhole. We love the ‘build your own map’ feature of this game– you will never play the same game twice! It’s kill or be killed with your luck hinging on the roll of the dice. It’s every man for himself with plenty of ill-omened cards to thwart your escape.

Zombie Apocalypse Gear: Build a Top-Notch First Aid Kit

When “it” happens, one thing is certain: You’re gonna wish you took that first aid class you’ve been putting off. If you only have room for one product in your zombie survival first-aid kit, of course we recommend the Elite First Aid Fully Stocked Rapid Response Trauma First Aid Bag featured in our homepage zombie survival kit list. However, we’d recommend you take matters a bit more seriously.┬áHere are two more must-haves for your zombie first-aid kit and why.

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