What is The Best Nazi Zombie Movie?

Why Make a Nazi Zombie Movie?

It’s not surprising that an entire genre has sprung up around nazi zombies. After all, it’s the hellish bi-product of two of the most feared groups in our collective subconscious: Nazis and zombies. The only thing worse than a horde of zombies is a horde of zombies who used to be a ruthless army hell-bent on world domination.

It seems like it would be hard NOT to make a good zombie movie out of this nightmare scenario. Sadly, many a nazi zombie movie has fallen short of its promise. That’s why we’ve singled out the best of the genre for you:

Best Nazi Zombie Movie: “Dead Snow”

If we were strictly judging this zombie movie by its cover art, we’d give it 5 stars. But alas, we can’t in good conscience give it more than a 4. To find out why, read on.

Rating: 4 (out of 5)

The Plot

In a riff of Evil Dead, a group of Norwegian med students head up to a remote cabin in the Alps to ski, drink and bang. Unbeknownst to them, a zombie curse and stolen treasure from WWII conspire to turn their carefree romp into a battle against super pissed-off Nazi zombies.

The Good

“Dead Snow” is a fun, reasonably suspenseful and visually interesting movie. The acting isn’t half bad and there are moments of impressive direction and visuals. It definitely does not have the look of an amateur movie. The Nazi Zombies are appropriately conniving and terrifying:

Nazi Zombie Movie Review: Dead Snow

Definitely not the best of zombie movies, but certainly the best we’ve seen in the nazi zombie movie genre.

The Bad

As a nazi zombie movie, this film seems to think it needs to straddle the line between horror-horror and comedy-horror. As a result, it doesn’t do either genre very well. Part of the problem is that the “comedy” bits seem cheap, and one is often left with the nagging feeling that there is some little-understood aspect of Norwegian humor at play.

The Ugly

The definitive wtf moment of this movie is for certain the outhouse- sex-cum-zombie attack scene we mentioned in this post. Whether you love it or hate it, you are sure to be grossed out.

Check out these 5 stars reviews!

Best zombie movie you’ll never see Im a huge zombie movie enthusiast. And this movie, while completely in Norwegian (with English subtitles) has the coolest feel to it of any zombie movie ive see. So over the top and graphic. Very tongue in cheek humor throughout. Also the story is actually very believable and intriguing. Props to the development team of this movie. — bronson

Top Ten This is a great addition to any Zombie collection. I enjoy films from all over the world, so subtitles are not an issue for my enjoyment. If you have to have English, but like Zombie fun– Please tough it out. This movie is Worth it!!–That_Lady

Perfect Blend of Horror and Fun So many have tried their hand at zombie movies – most fail because they focus on zombie gore, not on the humans who have to live through the attacks. This movie, like the Evil Dead, helps us identify with the characters. That way, even though this film is filled with zombie attacks, there is real tension and sometimes even humor in what the characters do to survive.–John K. Druitt

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