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2 Player Zombie Games: Our Favorites

Unfortunately, not all zombie games are well-suited to a 2 player situation. The ideal 2 player zombie game should maximize bond-age by leveraging your carefully honed knowledge of one other’s strengths and weaknesses. Here’s our top recommendations for 2 player zombie games that will leave you and your buddy high-fiving/fist bumping it till early morn!

Awesome Zombie Board Games

For all you old-schoolers out there, here are three awesome zombie board games that deliver.

Zombies!!! 2nd Edition

You are trapped in a town overrun by hungry zombies. You need to collect supplies in abandoned buildings in your mad dash to the heliport and out of this hellhole. We love the ‘build your own map’ feature of this game– you will never play the same game twice! It’s kill or be killed with your luck hinging on the roll of the dice. It’s every man for himself with plenty of ill-omened cards to thwart your escape.