Creepy Zombie Toilet Decorations / Gifts

We’ve noticed a disturbing pattern:

The Rise of the Zombie Toilet Fetish.

Our suspicions began after being subjected to the creepy-sex-in-outhouse-cum-zombie-attack in Dead Snow.

At first, we dismissed this as some misunderstood product of Norwegian humor. But then, we realized the zombie toilet references aren’t an isolated incident. There’s the aptly namedĀ Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead and Stalled, a British zombie comedy focused on the plight of a man trapped in a bathroom stall after a zombie attack.

Even our belovedĀ Dawn of the Dead features the incomparable Sarah Polley in a terrifying bathroom zombie attack:

In fact, it turns out a whole market has developed to play on our primordial fears of a zombie toilet attack. Maybe it’s an evolution of our childhood fears of a snake coming up out of the toilet and biting off our ass.

Whatever the origin of the zombie toilet fetish, here are some of the creepiest zombie toilet / bathroom decorations– guaranteed to literally scare the shit out of your house guests.

Zombie Toilet Seat Grabber

Zombie-Hand Peel ‘N Place Toilet Topper

Beware of Bathrooms Sticker

Blood Bath Bloody Hand Towel

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