If You Like Zombie Apocalypse Movies, You Might Like…

Eventually (believe it or not) there will come a time when you’ve seen all the zombie apocalypse movies that you think *should* be seen…

Before you flirt with the idea of really dumpster diving with movies like Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead, here are a few movies that can trick you into thinking someone has finally figured out how to make another good zombie movie.

The Descent

  • Superhuman cannibals? Check
  • Badass women covered in blood and swinging pick-axes? Check

Six adventurous girlfriends set out to go caving in the Appalachian wilderness. They get trapped. As if finding a way out weren’t hard enough, they soon find themselves prey to something else living in the cave.  Why’s it like a zombie movie? Small group of feisty humans find themselves isolated from outside help and desperately battling throngs of superhuman cannibals. Sound familiar? If you aren’t already claustrophobic, you will be after this pulse-pounding film.

Here’s the trailer:


  • Cannibals? Check
  • Quirky yet totally appropriate soundtrack? Check
  • Guy Pearce, Robert Carlyle, David Arquette, the guy from Desperate Housewives and the guy from Lost? Check

Guy Pearce is a soldier in the Mexican American War. As punishment for cowardice in battle, he gets sent to a remote army outpost in the Sierra Nevada mountains in the middle of winter. After a strange man (Robert Carlyle) arrives in the middle of the night bearing stranger tales, the isolated group of soldiers begin to fear a cannibal is afoot. Stellar acting, suspense and cannibalism make this black comedy a worthy alternative to a crappy zombie movie.

Guy Pearce has never looked this bad. Robert Carlyle has never looked this good. The guy from Lost has never been this… weird.

Check out the trailer:


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