Resident Evil Albert Wesker Costume

Resident Evil Albert Wesker Costume: For Sale

  • Cost: $$
  • Includes: Long Coat, Inside Jumpsuit, Belts

Why we love it: Spooky! We all know Albert Wesker is one cool dude. Now, you can be too.. with this PU leather Albert Wesker costume.

Resident Evil Retribution Albert Wesker Costume: Make Your Own

A long black trench… zippered shirt or jacket. Those sunglasses. These should be staples in every man’s wardrobe. That’s why we advocate creating your own Albert Wesker costume. Here’s how:

Cost? Under $100 (if you supply pants or skip the trench)

Black Trench Coat
Technically, the black trench coat is optional. Of course, there are many uses for a quality long black trench coat (see below).

  • What: Long black trenchcoat
  • Price: $$
  • Other costume uses: Fox Mulder, Neo, Rorschach, Nick Fury, pretty much any Underworld character, Nazi Zombies (think Dead Snow)

  • What: Zippered bomber jacket
  • Price: $26~ (you’ll want the all black one)
    • What: zippered faux leather snakeskin jacket (you’ll want it in black)
    • Price: $

    Gun Holster
    You can skip this if you plan to wear the leather trench, but Wesker always has a weapon ready:

    • What: weapon holster
    • Price: $

    You need black pants. Any black pants will do, but remember that Wesker isn’t afraid to show his stuff — so the tighter the better.

    • Price: $$

    Blond Wig
    The iconic slicked-back blond hair is critical here. It’s either manic panic, or a blond wig. Gell as needed.

    • Price: $$
    The Sunglasses
    As critical as the hair are the cool-as-a-cucumber sunglasses. In fact, we think these might even be cooler than Wesker’s:

    • Price: $
    • Note: Unbreakable metal frame for zombie-fighter fighting.

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