Zombie Party Food: Quick and Cheap

Zombie Party Food: Drinks

Drinks are a critical component to any zombie party food menu. Fortunately, they are the easiest.

Any blood red drink is a good starting place and most punches are quick and dirty. Cranberry or cherry juice combos keeps it super simple. If you are looking for a zingy punch of the non-alcoholic variety, try this blood red punch from Sandra Lee.

Zombie Party Food: Blood Punch

Great alcoholic options include Bloody Marys or the so-called “Zombie Cocktail”:

Give your zombies brain freeze with awesome brain ice cubes:

Zombie Party Food: Appetizers

You should make enough zombie party food to feed the hungry hoards. That means big batches of stuff that can be prepared quickly and distract your zombies from eating each other long enough to play whatever zombie board games you have stockpiled.

Zombie Finger Cookies

Turn your favorite cookie recipe into gnarly zombie finger cookies using this cheap cookie mold

Zombie Finger Cookie Pan

Add sliced almonds for dirty nails and strategically-applied red food coloring to turn your cookies into grotesque severed fingers.

Zombie Party Foods: Finger Cookies

Gourmet Gelatin Brain Dessert

Using the Zombie Party Brain Gelatin Mold

it’s easy to make a quick and cheap edible centerpiece for your zombie party.

Of course, you could just make an enormous jello shot… but if your zombies have more sophisticated tastes, try this recipe with cherry, walnuts and sherry!

Quick and Dirty Clean Up

Paper cups and napkins will keep clean-up easy and give you more time to have a bloody good time! Stay on theme with these recyclable party supplies.

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